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Welcome to our Virtual Writers’ Room, the place to be for creative writing tips, ideas, prompts and encouragement. Help yourself a tea or coffee or anything else you fancy, find a seat and settle in. Choose from the big comfy leather sofa, one of the vintage armchairs that are dotted about the room, or a desk. There’s always a place to plug in your phone or laptop. If you’re too hot, throw open the windows that look out onto the garden. If you’re cold, then warm yourself in front of the old log-burner. If a cat perched on a bookcase is your thing, or a dog sleeping in front of the hearth, then so shall it be. The library is vast, with every genre of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, critiques and how-to guides at your disposal to satisfy even the most dedicated student or determined procrastinator. Choose some music, or silence, company or solitude. Everything is always just how you’d like it to be in the Virtual Writers’ Room.

National Writing Day – Wednesday 21st June 2017

If you can’t get along to a live National Writing Day event near you, then come and hang out with us in the Virtual Writers’ Room from breakfast to bed-time, to join in the UK-wide day of celebration of writing creatively.

Throughout the day we will be providing a series of prompts and ideas to get you writing and providing juicy tips to keep you on track. Share your words if you’d like to, and inspire others to have a go.

We believe that creativity belongs to all of us, not just to the special few. Many people are put off expressing themselves at an early age. Writing is a great way to throw off the shackles of the past, unleash your imagination and get creating!

You’re never too young or too old to start.  It doesn’t matter whether you are making up poems or stories or writing from your own experience, finding your voice and the confidence to use it with clarity and purpose is joy.

If you would like to find out more about National Writing Day, visit the website at

Put a reminder in your diary and see you here in the Virtual Writers’ Room on National Writing Day!

The Virtual Writers’ Room Live (ish) Feed

Welcome to the Virtual Writers’ Room on National Writing Day! 

We’ve got lots of activities and ideas planned, but we’re small and a little chaotic and the cat has just knocked over a pot of pens, so you’ll have to take us as you find us. The main thing is, you’re all very welcome and we’re looking forward to hanging-out with you.

Writing can be a lonely business and that’s why we’ve created the Virtual Writers’ Room, but it’s nothing without the input of others. Please come on in and save us from another day of talking to the cats about story structure and plot twists when we should be writing.


We did some storyboarding about what National Writing Day in the Virtual Writers’ Room might look like and came up with this great idea to see how much short fiction we could generate between us during the hours of 00:00 and 23:59 on June 21st.

There are no prizes, just the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from taking part, rising to a creative challenge and seeing your work published online during the day, with your permission, (please write *not for publication* after the title if you don’t want your work to appear online. Publication is also subject to the usual moderation).

Although we all want to share our best writing, this is mostly about taking part and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and everyone and all voices are welcome, regardless of age.

The Virtual Writers’ Room National Writing Day Flash-Fiction Challenge:

:: Write and submit a short short story (can also be a poem or prose) of 100 words or fewer on the them of the longest day ::


Plan for the day

All day: Flash-fiction-athon – 100 words on the theme of the longest day.

On the hour: a new writing prompt / tip / idea on the hour during most of the day.

08:30 Poetry Breakfast: a view from your window.

11:00 Elevenses: who do you think you are – a foray into life-writing.

13:00 Literary Lunch: join the discussion. What was your favourite book as a child? Why? How did it influence you?

15:00 Afternoon Tea: join the discussion. What is the one book you’d take to a desert island? Why?

18:30 Literary Salon: join the discussion. What’s the connection between reading, writing and the imagination?

19:00 Dinner: join the discussion. What are your writing challenges, and ambitions?

20:30 Soiree: spoken word. Your chance to share links to recordings of your readings.

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  1. It’s just 7 hours to go until the start of the UK-wide National Writing Day!

    We’ve got lots of prompts, exercises and ideas planned during the day, so be sure to bookmark this page and drop in and see us. If you want to jump right in, you’ll be able to share your writing here, in the comments section.

    We look forward to hanging-out with you!

    ~ Fi ~

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