We all have a story to tell. It’s a cliché, but it’s what I believe. The challenge is identifying your story and finding the right approach, so that not only do you convey a personal experience, but also […]
As writers, how can and should we respond to the current furore over facebook and social media? It’s a challenging question, which I ask myself at the end of a few hours buried in the digital depths:  retweeting, updating our facebook page and creating content for the website.
The bad weather can bring out the worst in all of us, so apologies for the awful pun. However, we’re sorry to report that the Beast from the East has got the better of us down in Wivenhoe […]
Walks. The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird. — Jules Renard As Lao-tzu, the great Zen sage said: ‘A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.’ This small, but profound idea […]
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