We love dinner time, here in the Virtual Writers’ Room. It’s a chance to chat about our work, talk about our current challenges and ambitions for the work and swap notes on the latest books, plays, series, movies and games.

We’ve had plenty of company today, but writing is inherently a solitary affair, so the opportunity to get together over good food and a glass of wine is one to grab at!

As we slide into the evening, what are your writing challenges, and ambitions? I’m at the ‘finishing an edit, procrastinating, starting a new project while I think about it all a bit more’ stage at the moment. My procrastination takes the form of copious writing that is not the writing, but which I justify on the grounds that at least it is some writing.

What’s bugging you at the moment with your work? What would success look like in the next year? What’s one action that you can commit to right here, right now, that will take your writing closer to your ambition for it?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Bon apetite!


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