The bad weather can bring out the worst in all of us, so apologies for the awful pun.

However, we’re sorry to report that the Beast from the East has got the better of us down in Wivenhoe and we’re postponing this weeks Get Writing (Thursday 1st March) and Myth & Magic (Saturday 3rd March) until next week, when hopefully the snow drifts will have melted and everyone can get along. Rather than see the white-stuff as a nuisance, getting in the way of your writing, why not take the opportunity of a break from classes to indulge in some creative thinking and writing…

As the wind whips around the winding streets, sending pellets of stinging ice in all directions and carving the fallen snow into strange abstractions, what better time to think about other worlds and other lives? It might not look that appealing outside, but put on wellies, grab your overcoat and take your senses for a walk.

How muted the world has become without the sound of traffic. How wild it feels in the wind, and so, so cold. When did you last play in the snow? What does it feel like to jump right in with both feet, or to lie on the ground and make a snow angel? Remembering to be playful in life is a great way to reconnect with that part of you that will also allow you to be more playful with language and with creativity.

When you get back home and warm yourself with a cup of tea, try writing 100 words beginning with: “The snow fell and it covered everything, hiding all tracks and all traces…”

If you want to share your words, use the comment box below!

Keep warm and see you next week!

~ Andy & Fi


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