Good morning all! Help yourself to a coffee and a croissant – there’s jam and butter over there if you want it.

Our first activity of the day is all about windows to the soul.

If you’re ancient, like me, you’ll remember Play School and the wonderful story bit at the end when the presenters would choose a window and camera would zoom in and through to reveal the story.

That’s exactly what this is about, only we’re going to write a poem.

  1. Pick a window.
  2. Take time to gaze through it. Don’t be in a hurry. What do you see?
  3. Start by listing everything that’s within your view, all the objects, buildings, people, vehicles and landscapes. Be specific and include every detail of each thing you see.
  4. Next, take some time to describe the weather and the environment. Try to say more than ‘it’s hot and sunny’. How does the weather or environment make you feel. What emotions do you associate with it?
  5. Next, take some time to just sit with your view and write down any memories it brings up. Maybe something from childhood, or something more recent.
  6. Finally, what’s missing? Think about one thing you can’t see that should or could be there. Think about what’s lacking, what this scene might yearn for.
  7. Now you have lots of material: a scene, objects, a loss or lack, a memory. Look at your list and circle any words or groups of words that really stand out and keep your attention. Maybe it’s the way they sound together, or how they contradict each other or fit well.
  8. Put these words and phrases together on a page. Play with them, rearrange them until they feel right. Take your time. Allow the music and the meaning of the words to seep out.
  9. Finished? Congratulations, you’ve made a poem for breakfast.
  10. Share your poem and a photo of your window in the comments box below.

Have fun!


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